Friday, September 16, 2016

Elul 2016 - 14 Elul 5776

Elul Tools 2016/5776

Building a Strong Foundation

For the Days of Awe

Today's Elul Chai-Ku:

Shabbat, weekly gift...
Unplug from your distractions.
Turn to what is real.

14 Elul—Draw a Breath of Rest! Shabbat Shalom!

Even though Elul is our month to wake up, to pay attention, to do lots of deep soul work, Shabbat takes precedence over everything. Time to rest, time to play. Let all your thinking and reflecting fade to the background. Enjoy a day off. As you do this, know that all your hard work is integrating, settling on its own, without effort on your part.

In this past week we have considered:

•  Our communities: do we reach out or retreat?
•  Our planet: do we take care of it?
•  Our body: do we honor it and keep it healthy?
•  Our emotional life: do we have a balanced and healthy relationship to ourselves, are we kind to US?
•  Our minds: do we keep our intellectual world alive and stimulated, or is it withering?
•  Our souls: do we have a sense of our selves as spiritual beings and do we nurture this important part of who we are?

In sum, are we balancing all these different aspects of ourselves and parts of our outer lives in a graceful and healthy way? If not, why?

Seriously...that's a lot to reflect upon!!

But now it’s time to put all that aside.

Our Earnest Elul Efforts will resume soon. Even the shofar can wait. Sometimes we gain more by letting go, by pulling the plug, by taking an authentic pause.

It is time for us all to head into a peaceful, rejuvenating Shabbat.

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