Friday, September 30, 2016

Elul Tools 2016 - 28 Elul 5776

Elul Tools  

Building a Strong Foundation 
for the Days of Awe

Today's Elul and Shabbat Chai-Ku:

A break while awake.
Rest is not just in slumber.
Lounge in a soul nap. 

28 Elul - The Last Shabbat of 5776

One of the greatest gifts of Judaism is Shabbat. Every week, no matter how hard or important our work, how numerous our chores, how full our plate, we are granted a day of rest. But how many of us actually seize this opportunity for respite and regeneration? The professional work week may have ended, but many of us dive into projects, errands, chores.  We think in this way we are keeping our head above water. But are we?

In keeping with this time honored tradition, even our preparations for the Days of Awe cease. There is nothing to work on or think about. No reflecting or goal setting. Everything is perfect as it is. Just being. We don’t even blow the shofar on Shabbat. It’s a day of doing-nothing-ness. Let all the vigorous soul searching and amend making fade to the background. See how much of an opportunity for rest and relaxation you can take for yourself this last Shabbat...before Rosh Hashanah.

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