Friday, September 23, 2016

Elul Tool 2016 - 21 Elul 5776

 Elul Tools  

Building a Strong Foundation 
for the Days of Awe

Today's Elul Chai-Ku:

Give it all you've got.
Six, create, produce.
Then let go. Shabbat.

21 Elul - Shabbat Spa...Time to Relax

Jewish tradition tells us that God created the world in six days and then took the seventh day, Shabbat, as a day of rest. This model is a brilliant one and is central in Judaism.  Work hard, pour yourself into all your labors, all that you do. Then step back and enjoy for yourself a sanctuary of complete rest and respite. Time to be rather than do. 

In the last week as we have prepared for Elul, we have been thinking and reflecting and repairing. For six days we worked earnestly on our souls. Now stop. Release the grip and let it go. Just like bodies need sleep to function, our minds and hearts and souls need a rest day in order to be agile in the week ahead. We even step back from the shofar. We don't need to be called to attention for anything. Be exactly as you are.

Shanah Tovah

and have a restful Shabbat!

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